Slick Bastards MC is not a "1%" MC or full RP club, however - a few rules do apply.


1) Motorcycle Regulations


Chopper & Cruiser style bikes only. No sportbikes. Allowed motorcycles include: Wolfsbane, Daemon, Hexer, Bagger, Sovereign, Avarus, Zombie Chopper, Zombie Bobber, Chimera, Cliffhanger, Innovation, Nightblade & Gargoyle. 


2) Vehicle Usage


Ride your bike. Gameplay may require different vehicles at times, but when you have the choice - use your bike.


3) Dresscode


Our dresscode is relaxed and semi-free, but Members and Prospects are required to wear leather or denim cuts/jackets at all times and hangarounds are to wear clothing  (i.e. hoodies or shirts) of dark, neutral color (black, grey, dark blue) with the hangaround support patch present on it. Cuts and jackets that are labeled as "patched" are reserved for full-patched members and officers only. 


4) MC Rules of Engagement

Do not attack other MCs if you encounter them while playing. We don't want any of our members to create unnecessary beef with other clubs. We are, after all, respectful followers of the biker lifestyle and community so we should represent ourselves as such.


5) Club Hierarchy 

Upon joining the club, understand the hierarchy and your position within it. It is as follows:


Hangaround - Prospect - Patched Member - Officer


Hangaround (SBHA) This is your default status as someone interested in our club. You are not yet a member of SBMC, rather you're "hanging around", joining our activities, helping club members and prospects and allowing us to observe your behavior and get to know you. 


Prospects (SBPR) You have been sponsored by a Patched Member and are beginning your entry into the club, though you cannot attend our table meetings or vote yet. You may be given tasks to complete - be prepared to put in effort and prove yourself. Sponsorship is elective, and doesn't guarantee future member status. If your sponsor and other members of SBMC see potential in you, continued activity and merit will lead to membership. 


6) Activity Level / Commitment


Be active! (saying that, this is after all a video game and real life always comes first. So, don't feel pressured to justify why you couldn't make it to a meet or ride if more pressing matters came up IRL)

Our church meeting is every Sunday 7:00PM UTC. We require at least 1 active day a week to be a part of the crew (whether it be just normal online play or an event, therefore the last chance to be active during the week is our Sunday meeting). Sustained inactivity will lead to following:


Absent for 1 week straight: Officers will inquire about your inactivity. 

Absent for 2 weeks straight: Officers will issue you a warning. 

Absent for 3 weeks straight: Will lead to a table conversation at the next church meeting that can result in a kick from the crew. This is enforced for everyone, including hangarounds and prospects. Naturally, if you have a busy schedule and IRL stuff that gets in the way of playing, you can be absent for as long as needed, just let us know in one of our channels.

​7) Active Crew Requirement


SBMC/SBPR/SBHA will be your only active crew. Do not change your active crews whenever you feel like, we expect you to have the crew active and have the emblem on.


8) Minimum Age Requirement


You must be above the age of 17 to join the club.

9) Crew Member Endangerment / Griefing  / Weapon Usage


Do not attack, fire upon, or otherwise endanger other club members. The only exception to this rule should be when express permission is granted (mutual horseplay / club-sanctioned PVP).

Violating this rule will result in the following penalties:


First Offense: Officers will issue you a warning. 

Second Offense: Will lead to a table conversation at the next church meeting.

Third Offense: Will be met with Patch stripping, and bad-standing exile from the club.


During club events, weapons should always be out of sight, and unused as to not alert the emergency services.

10) Mod Menus, Modded Accounts & Cheating


Modding and cheating is strictly prohibited. New hangarounds accounts will be investigated and evidence of modded accounts, mod menus being used in-game will result in immediate bad-standing exile from SBMC.



Melee Weapons All melee weapons are permitted.

(Stone Hatchet, Battle Axe, Pipe Wrench, Pool Cue, Switchblade, Flashlight, Machete, Knuckle Dusters, Hatchet, Antique Cavalry Dagger, Broken Bottle, Golf Club, Crowbar, Baseball Bat, Hammer, Nightstick, Knife, Unarmed).

Handguns All handguns are permitted EXCEPT the "Up-N-Atomizer"

(Perico Pistol, Navy Revolver, Ceramic Pistol, Double-Action Revolver, Heavy Revolver, SNS Pistol, Pistol, Vintage Pistol, Marksman Pistol, Heavy Pistol, Stun Gun, Pistol .50, AP Pistol, Combat Pistol).

Shotguns Non-automatic shotguns permitted only.

(Pump Shotgun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Double-Barrel Shotgun).

Assault Rifles All assault rifles are permitted.

(Advanced Rifle, Assault Rifle, Bullpup Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Special Carbine).

Submachine Guns & Light Machine Guns All SMGs & LMGs are permitted.

(Assault SMG, Combat MG, Combat PDW, Gusenberg Sweeper, Machine Pistol, MG, Micro SMG, SMG).

Sniper Rifles All sniper rifles are permitted EXCEPT the "Marksman Rifle"

(Sniper Rifle, Heavy Sniper).


Heavy Weapons​ & Throwables Heavy weapons & throwables ARE NOT PERMITTED with these exceptions:

(Molotov Cocktails, Jerry Can).

Additional notes & special circumstances:


  • No explosive ammos are permitted in any of the above listed weapons.

  • All club weapons may be upgraded to their MKII variants.

  • Use this list as your "go-to" weapons, however against random players / tryhards, you may use "equal-force".

  • It is permissible to use "non-club" weapons against griefers in Armored Vehicles, Jets, Tanks, Oppressors etc.