Slick Bastards MC is not a full on RP club, however a few rules do apply.

1. Chopper/Cruise bikes only. No sportbikes.








-Zombie Chopper

-Zombie Bobber






2. Ride your bike.

Some gameplay mechanics require the use of cars and trucks, but whenever you have a choice, ride your bike.


3. Dresscode is free, but you have to wear a leather or denim cuts or jackets at all times.


4. DO NOT attack other MCs if you see any this is very important. We don't want any of our members (patched and others) to create unnecessary beef with other clubs. We are, after all, followers of the biker lifestyle and community so we should represent ourselves as such.


5. Have fun! Dont take things too seriously, just keep it friendly and chill.


6. Cuts labeled as "patched ----" are reserved for officer members only.


7. Be active! (saying that, this is after all a video game and real life always comes first. So, don’t feel pressured to justify why you couldn't make it to a meet or ride if more pressing matters came up irl.)

You must be above the age of 17 to join the club.

We require at least 1 active day a week to be a part of the crew (whether it be just normal online play or an event, therefore the last chance to be active during the week is our Sunday meeting). Inactivity will lead to following:


Absent for 1 week: Will ask for a reason for it

Absent for 2 weeks straight: Warning

Absent for 3 weeks straight:  Will lead to a table conversation between members that can result in a kick from the crew.


This is effective for everyone, including hangarounds and prospects. Naturally, if you have a busy schedule (work,kids etc.) and IRL stuff that gets in the way of playing, you can be absent for as long as they take, just let us know







Weapons guide:

Against MC's we are allowed to use the following weapons:

All Rifles except Marksman Rifle (always with normal ammo)

All Shotguns except Automatic Shotguns

All handguns (not the green alien thingy though)

All melee weapons

All SMG, LMG (Minigun is not allowed)

Snipers without explosive ammo and only if an officer makes a call or if the enemy uses it

No RPG, homing missiles, Grenades, Mines, Sticky Bombs (except if the enemy uses armored vehicles)

You can use Jerry Can and Molotov bombs though  


You are not allowed to use anything else except bikes (not with weapons mounted on them)

^^ You may use the above mentioned weapons with their mk2 variant as well. No restrictions with that.


Against randoms these rules of engagement don't apply and you are free to use "equal force" to fight them back. But don't be the first that will use the overpowered weapon in a fight. You can use marksman rifle and sniper rifle against them and automatic shotguns. Against random tryhards, griefers, jets, oppressors, armored vehicles, etc you are free to fuck them with everything you can possibly use in game (including using other vehicles as well). 

(ok don't be a dick and use an orbital cannon, that is not allowed no matter what)




If another MC attacks you with any weapon other than those mentioned above, feel free to use the same to blast the fuck out of them. Remember, we fight fire with fire.