EST. JUNE 2020

Slick Bastards MC was founded with the sole purpose of embracing the biker lifestyle and to forge a brotherhood of respect & absolute, unwavering support.

In our club, no man is left behind because we move forward together. Once you're in, you will always be taken care of. If you do not have any businesses or money making methods, the club will help you climb the criminal ranks. Our brothers are familiar with the criminal underworld of San Andreas and help our members achieve their goals.

We are a club of like-minded brothers who enjoy all aspects of bikes, provide assistance to our fellow brothers and having a great fucking time. Our ranks are formed of daily active members, and our club has grown to cover the globe - so you will always have someone to ride with.

We are currently recruiting new members - however, full membership will be granted only once you prove your loyalty and commitment to sticking to our club and our lifestyle. We are strictly unaccepting of crew hoppers to pop in and out of the club as they please! Slick Bastards MC follows the standard hangaround > prospect > patched member hierarchy. By proving yourself worthy material as a hangaround, and connecting with our members you may be rewarded with a sponsorship as a prospect by one of our ranking patched members or officers.

If you're interested in joining our club, connect with us on our Discord server, head to #instructions & apply to be our latest hangaround. "Keep it Slick, and ride hard!"