Slick Bastards MC est. June 2020

Slick Bastards MC was founded for the sole purpose of embracing the pure biker lifestyle and creating a brotherhood of respect and absolute support.


Here, you will not be left behind because we move forward as one. Once you're in, you will always be taken care of.


We are currently looking for new members. However, full membership will only be given once you prove your loyalty and commitment to both our club and lifestyle.


We do not want crew hoppers to hop in and out of the club as they please! If you do not have any business or money making methods, it will be taken care of and you will receive help.  Most of us have been grinding solo for quite a while and we know the ways of the game.

Make sure to go over to the Bylaws . Give it a read so you'll know what is expected of you when you join the club. It's pretty simple.